Michigan Will be a Very Tight Race

Based on the signs in my neighborhood

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Like many after the surprising outcome of the 2016 election, I remain skeptical of polls that show Biden with a substantial lead in these final days of the election. So I decided to do some informal polling of my own, based on the highly scientific method of counting the signs in my neighborhood.

You’ve probably heard a lot about Michigan in the past few weeks. We are a battleground State, which essentially means we are, in composite, that rare voter that is somehow still undecided after the past four years. But at a micro level, we are just as divided as the country itself.

Michigan narrowly went to Trump in 2016, ending 24 straight years of voting for the Democrat presidential candidate. A look at the county map from 2016 shows that, outside of our largest populaces, we are very much a red state. After driving through Northern Michigan, you’d be excused for mistaking it for someplace else — people here fly Confederate flags unironically and pass down racism like family heirlooms. Not all people, obviously. I have family and friends that live up north. But such is commonplace.

This is Trump country. White trash. It is what it is.

I live in an affluent, white collar city near the middle of the mitten. Educated. Far from Trump country. A few months ago I saw a pick-up truck flying Trump and Proud Boys flags downtown.

The experience should’ve primed me for the election season. Surely my neighbors and co-workers – again, educated and affluent – would be smart enough to see through the sham of Fox ‘News’ and their ilk. To recognize the danger to the Republic that another 4 years of Trump would bring. But as the signs starting going up, the disbelief set in.

I go for a morning walk with my wife 2–3 times a week. An hour around the neighborhood, 4 miles in all. We probably pass within sight of 500 houses. The majority, roughly 80%, have no yard signs at all. How they mean to vote is a mystery.

Of the rest, I counted 47 Biden signs and 45 Trump.

There were also 3 houses with signs for all the Republicans up for office but no Trump sign. They couldn’t bring themselves to endorse Biden, I guess, despite being the sort to put up yard signs. One house had eight signs up but was mum on the biggest election of all. This leads me to think they plan to vote Trump but are too embarrassed or guilty to admit it.

Based on my jaunt around the neighborhood, I know quite a few Trump voters. If they harbor racist notions and fascist ideals, they hide them extremely well. These are instead the Single Issue voters. They are pro-gun or anti-abortion. They want low taxes. They are Christian and therefore go with what used to be the conservative party. They are for strong defense and law and order, and somehow overlook everything Trump has done to undermine both.

My Aunt and Cousin are among their number. But I can’t understand anyone who would condone Trump after everything we’ve seen these past 4 years. Worse yet, who would readily sign-up for another go-around. Maybe they’re okay with the scandals and the lies and the treason and high crimes and the indifference to over 200,000 dead Americans — what is a vote if not explicit approval, after all?

The matter will ultimately be decided by all the houses that did not declare one way or another. That vast silent majority. But if they trend like their neighbors, it’s going to be too close for comfort. And that alone is an indictment upon the country itself.

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Author of the Clockwork Scoundrels series. EIC of FanFare. Probably thinking about Star Wars. http://piercewrites.wordpress.com/

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