Hi Kyle -

I can tell that we’ve walked similar paths. :D


There is certainly a level of compulsion in collecting, and a thrill in the hunt for elusive merchandise. I was an avid collector from the time of that fateful Walmart trip in ’96, through the release of Episode three in 2005. Aside from the random Black Series figure that I want (to open and display), I haven’t made any purchases since.

Alas, now that my passions have long cooled, I must contend with the downside of collecting: all the stuff. I have boxes upon boxes in my basement, and I dread to look upon them. There is a reckoning coming.

I’ve let my son go through them a few times and augment his own army of action figures. There was a special kind of joy in letting him open toys I’d kept in mint condition through the years. They are, after all, only toys.

Eventually I’ll work up the gumption to go through it all and list it on eBay. Keeping some of the 12" line and a few meaningful figures for myself. And letting my son have a go at it one last time.


100% agree with you here. My all-time favorite single moment from all the movies is still Han in the detention level, trying to convince the Imperials there is a radiation leak.

There was a joy to be found in the originals that was sorely lacking in the prequels. My response to Episode 7 was part due to the return of this joy.


I didn’t have a problem with any of the characters introduced in The Last Jedi. It was how they were used that bothered me. And it seems like Rian didn’t really know what to do with poor Finn. Finn was my favorite character in Episode Seven, so it especially stung to see him so lost in the narrative.

I’ll check-out the book you referenced — thanks for the feedback and great insights!

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