Gremlins Have Infested Medium

Why does Medium keep unfollowing my favorite writers?

Sad face. Image: Warner Bros

I only follow people here whose writing I enjoy. So I was especially distressed a few weeks ago when I discovered that Medium unilaterally decided I no longer wanted to follow Danielle Loewen and Heather Jauquet. Despite the fact that I read, clap, and comment on most everything they publish.

Fine — easy fix. Annoying, but I work in IT. I know how bugs sometimes sneak into software.

Then I noticed today that I’d also lost Sarah Cords and Amanda Kay Oaks.

WTF Medium!?

I can only wonder who else I might be missing. (BTW, why is Medium only picking on girls?)

I’m in the process of frantically bookmarking stories to make up for the ones I missed, but wanted to throw out this lifeline — if I routinely interacted with your content in the past and abruptly stopped, please please leave a comment so I can re-add you. Only people who follow me will see this, but I have no other recourse. Unless Medium unfollowed me on your behalf, in which case neither of us will realize what has happened.


What’s especially egregious about all of this is I had to manually unfollow several well-known writers who I tired of seeing in my feed everyday — I guess it’s easy to be prolific when you just repeat yourself endlessly. If Medium was going to preemptively take anyone, take someone who I barely read in the first place. Maybe this is the work of AI, but if so, it is about as sophisticated Jar Jar Binks making poop jokes.

Sorry, I’m just feeling a little salty about all of this.

Let this also be a service announcement to maybe check your own accounts and make sure you haven’t shed anyone.

Happy writing!

EIC of FanFare. Writes about culture, film, TV. Popular Prose column at Writing Cooperative. Top Writer

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