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Hanging out in Acadia National Park. Image: Author

I was born 9 months after Star Wars premiered in 1977, which naturally suggests my mom’s womb quickened on its own after she saw the film. I get it — these movies make me feel things too. I learned about all the gender parts in health class but they neglected to teach us how babies are really made.

I’m not saying I’m a Chosen One, only that I wasn’t ready to be born into a world without Star Wars.

It’s hard to articulate just how big Star Wars was in the early 80s. Star Wars has always been big —…

FanFare newsletter for August 1

A blatant attempt to swing this week’s Thunderdome? Possibly. Image: Henson Associates
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Today is August 1. Our endless summer is not nearly as endless as we’d thought, alas.

I enjoyed a nice vacation this week. Maybe a little too much, which is why the Friday newsletter is going out on Sunday. We’re planning another short trip this week to squeeze as much into these last days of summer as possible. So don’t be surprised if next week’s newsletter goes out later too.

Pub Stuff

Exactly two weeks after we crossed over the magic 1k mark, we pushed north of 1.1k (1115 as of this writing)…

More machine than man

Photo by Evelyn Clement on Unsplash

Upon awakening, the entirety of him could be summed up by two things: he had a splitting headache, made all the worse by the too-bright room and the rush and roar of the city; and he hadn’t a clue where he was — the bed foreign and the room unfamiliar and the city glimpsed through squint eyes an alien landscape. There was a third part of his awareness – indeed the most important part – which he was ignorant of until he rinsed his mouth at the pedestal sink and stood looking in the the mirror.

Who am I?


Just keep paddling

Kayaking on the Cass River in Michigan. Image: Author

I am in the midst of a glorious staycation. We left the kids with their grandparents last weekend and have been enjoying life sans kids. I love them but after sharing the same space with them almost constantly for the last year and a half — thanks COVID — they had to go.

Gen X likes to humble brag about our early and forced self-sufficiency, but with our own kids we’ve done practically the opposite. I think everyone raises their kids reflexively based on what their own parents did or didn’t do. …


Exciting adventures through the power of imagination

Image: Jim Henson Company
Thunderdome is a FanFare series where our writers good-naturedly debate some matter of pop culture and then leave it to the readers to decide. Read each post and vote at the bottom!

The hardest thing about this competition was deciding which cartoon to write about. Like many of my Gen X contemporaries, I had a lot of time on my hands growing up, and I filled it with copious amounts of TV. I wasn’t raised by cartoons, but I wasn’t not raised by them either.

He-Man was the first cartoon that popped in my head. I’m pretty sure it was…

FanFare newsletter for July 23, 2021

If you’re gonna cry, cry ugly. Image: Paramount
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Apropos of nothing, I have been naming these weekly newsletters based on random song lyrics. There hasn’t been a thematic tie to any of the newsletter content — I just borrowed a line from a song I happened to have in my head; naming newsletters is weird, why not make it weirder.

Anyway, here’s an attempt to make sense of all the crying at the top of this one:

5 Scenes That Make Me Cry Every Time

  1. Field of Dreams: ‘Hey Dad, you wanna have a catch?’
  2. The Return of the King: ‘My friends, you bow to no one.’


“I moved on space like a bitch.”


Blue Origin, the private aerospace company founded by Jeff Bezos, successfully delivered Bezos to the edge of space on July 20, 2021. The design of the spaceship has rather phallic proportions, which most took as an unintentional, if hilarious, faux pas. But according to a literal rocket scientist employed at the company, the likeness was deliberate.

“Jeff has this batshit crazy idea to colonize the stars using his seed. …

Haunted by the ghost of memory

Photo by Heather Barnes on Unsplash

Susan crouched in the burnt out remnant of a convenience store and hoped that death would pass her by.

The ellipse-shaped hoverbot paused outside the shattered ruin of the storefront, antenna quivering and innards humming. It spun in a lazy circle, sweeping everything with its horrible all-seeing eye. Susan ducked behind the toppled shelves and counted to 30.

It was gone.

She waited another 5 minutes and then resumed her forage. But the store had been picked clean years ago, and she left as beggarly as she’d entered.

The farmhouses strung along the road had been more of the same…

Who we are and what we’re looking for

Photo by Michael Dziedzic on Unsplash

Fictions is a publication started by Danielle Loewen, Paul Combs, and Eric Pierce to give quality fiction a place to shine.

We are, first and foremost, lovers of the written word. We want to be bowled over by thunderous prose; catapulted into foreign lands; hoodwinked into cavorting with gods and kings and peasants.

Fiction is the purest form of storytelling. So tell us a story.

Our publishing philosophy

We vet potential writers upfront in order to ensure a certain level of quality to every story we run, and we only publish a few stories a day. …

Eric Pierce

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